Plymouth, United Kingdom

Plymouth, United Kingdom

Plymouth is by far one of the most attractive city’s to visit in the United Kingdom, located on the south coast of Devon in England just west of Exeter is home to a variety of famous and successful people.

With a wide range of restaurants to dine in (seafood being the most popular) Plymouth has a great atmosphere and welcomes people from around the world to indulge in there exotic foods and relaxed lifestyle.

Plymouth is home to a number of celebrities such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Richard Greene, Gareth Carrivick, Ron Goodwin, Tom Daley, David Gwillim and Maggie Steed.

Everyone knows Tom Daley, famous for his fantastic performance in the Olympics for diving, he has publicly spoken about his sexuality as well. Note: Celebrities have a marketing plan whether we like it or not, and stunts that bring in good publicity of bad publicity it always equates to them making more money.

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