Service based businesses in the UK

Service based businesses in the UK

Service based businesses are the bread and butter of the United Kingdom. Commonly know as a man in a van or the white van man, these local service based businesses take care of our plumbing, electricity, trees, gardens, cars, phones, trash and much more.

A service based business is when a tradesman comes to you to provide a service, they are also know as phone driven businesses.

Roofing: Roofing is a service based business, why? Because a roofer will generally come to your home or place of work and provide you with a service. Check out Plymouth Roofers if your are looking for a local roofing service in Plymouth. (We love to support local business).

Tree Surgeon: A tree surgeon is most definitely a service based business, customers tend to get on average 3 quotes and then compare them, tree surgery is a very competitive industry in Plymouth and a lot of businesses undercut the previous quote so they get the job.

Taxis: Taxi companies are a service based business, they come to your location and provide you with a service. With Plymouth being the biggest city in the south west it’s population is a lot greater than surrounding burrows. Taxis are in high demand in Plymouth, it is the most preferred method or transport within the city.

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