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Roofing is a Nightmare!

Roofing is a Nightmare!

Hello All, well its been a very long time since we spoke on this blog. I have been really busy building my new house in Plymouth and I have so many stories to tell. Building your house is one of the most rewarding things you can do, but it is also incredibly stressful as well.

Im sure you can imagine!

It doesn’t help when one day you have nice sunny dry weather and the next week you have The beast from the east which totally stops everything in the UK with about 3cms of snow.

I mean really, it is doing about 2 metres in the Alps and business carries on as normal but here it brings everything to a standstill. My children had their school shut even before a single snowflake fell to the ground! It was cancelled purely on a weather forcast. And guess what it never even snowed that day!

So during all this madness we were installing our new roof on our house build in Plymouth and it was a difficult task to say the least!

This is a picture of what a new roof installation should look like.

I dont really dare put a picture of what our roof looked like during the build because it really wasnt as good as this at all. So I am pleased wuith the end result but during the storm things did not look rosey at all.

but I have learned a lot and will be dreaming about rafters, batterns and tiles for many years to come Im sure. I will post more building stories when I get time

Service based businesses in the UK

Service based businesses in the UK

Service based businesses are the bread and butter of the United Kingdom. Commonly know as a man in a van or the white van man, these local service based businesses take care of our plumbing, electricity, trees, gardens, cars, phones, trash and much more.

A service based business is when a tradesman comes to you to provide a service, they are also know as phone driven businesses.

Roofing: Roofing is a service based business, why? Because a roofer will generally come to your home or place of work and provide you with a service. Check out Plymouth Roofers if your are looking for a local roofing service in Plymouth. (We love to support local business).

Tree Surgeon: A tree surgeon is most definitely a service based business, customers tend to get on average 3 quotes and then compare them, tree surgery is a very competitive industry in Plymouth and a lot of businesses undercut the previous quote so they get the job.

Taxis: Taxi companies are a service based business, they come to your location and provide you with a service. With Plymouth being the biggest city in the south west it’s population is a lot greater than surrounding burrows. Taxis are in high demand in Plymouth, it is the most preferred method or transport within the city.

Network marketing in the UK

Network marketing in the UK

Over the past decade network marketing which was thought to be a fad has turned out to be one of the most successful business models out there.

Network marketing sometimes referred to as a pyramid scheme although it actually isn’t has soared over the past 3 years thanks to companies like Forever Living, Utility Warehouse and Juice Plus.

In general people look down on the network marketing profession and believe that anyone involved in it has been brainwashed, but have they?

I used to be a network marketer myself, I found it was a real struggle, but being a business owner no matter what your trade/profession or industry it’s hard right!

Although network marketing didn’t work out for me, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work and that it’s a scam… It means it wasn’t for me.

Being a network marketer you need to know how to network, build relationships and establish trust with people, something quite frankly I wasn’t any good at.

However this short lived network marketing journey lead me to the successful business that i run today. Have you ever heard that old saying, everything happens for a reason? Let me tell you know from the bottom of my heart, it does!

Network marketing has brought great value to the UK and boosted the economy. With multi billion dollar companies investing in large scal properties and creating thousands of jobs we should thank the network marketing industry for the equal opportunity that it provides to everyone.

The Best of Britain…

The Best of Britain…

Welcome to our first post!

Britain is a marvelous country and is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. People travel from all over the world to see our precious queen at the castle of Windsor, and the famous fair pooles in the Isle of Skye.

What is there not to like about Britain?

We are so laid back, have very lenient immigration laws and provide very generous benefits which some individuals like to take advantage of.

Britain has changed drastically over the past century, but the question is, is it changing for the better?

Who knows, I personally feel like we’re moving to fast, living a lifestyle that’s full of stress and negative energy. Your life should be lived to it’s full potential, these days people are just ‘existing’, this is not how it should be.

Anyway… Let’s talk the Best of Britain.

Britain is known for some of its spectacular views, from the southern coasts of Devon, Plymouth all the way up to the Scottish Highlands. Scotland is a place of pure tranquility.

Ben Nevis is the largest mountain in the UK and Scotland which attracts mountain climbers and mountain bikers from across the globe.

If you are keen to know the true beauty’s and the best of what Britain has to offer, then be sure to read our upcoming posts.