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A fancy 300 mile round trip with a booking app to Birmingham

A fancy 300 mile round trip with a booking app to Birmingham

Good evening visitors,

The team recently visited Birmingham the second biggest city in the UK for a corporate day out. We stumbled across a fancy taxi booking app that really blew us away. The company we used is called Birmingham City Taxis (, they appear to be a partner of Uber.

We used there website to gain £15 of our first journey which was incredible in its self, however that wasn’t the best bit by no means, the ease and simplicity for an app was like no other, the app used our phones location and sent a taxi driver to us in under two minutes.

Not only that we got to see our drivers face and watched him on the map drive to our location… There was no cash exchange involved and my debit card was automatically debited after the fair was completed. How crazy is that!

It was rather funny as me and five colleagues gathered around my mobile phone and watched our driver Shafiq drive to us.

We had a choice of three different types of vehicles too, a saloon, an estate and something “executive” how fancy is that?

If you are reading this I would highly reccomend you give this service a try, I can honestly say I will only be using this booking app whenever I need a taxi.

– Mark

Is the British summer coming to an end?

Is the British summer coming to an end?

The past few days the weather hasn’t been the greatest in Britain, i’m sure you’re aware of that… But why?

Every year we get bombarded with “worst storm in 30 years set to hit the U.K” & “UK braces itself for heatwave” what a load of rubbish.

As every year goes by I fail to see a change in the lovely British weather. I love the rainy days as well as the sunny days. Rumor has it that the news agency’s and reporters make a small fortune out of these tell tail stories that reel readers in.

Britain’s weather is know across the world, mainly for its random characteristics as such.

We here hope that summer isn’t coming to an end, however we welcome the winter season to hurry round to as we like to get festive here.


  • Joe
The Best of Britain…

The Best of Britain…

Welcome to our first post!

Britain is a marvelous country and is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. People travel from all over the world to see our precious queen at the castle of Windsor, and the famous fair pooles in the Isle of Skye.

What is there not to like about Britain?

We are so laid back, have very lenient immigration laws and provide very generous benefits which some individuals like to take advantage of.

Britain has changed drastically over the past century, but the question is, is it changing for the better?

Who knows, I personally feel like we’re moving to fast, living a lifestyle that’s full of stress and negative energy. Your life should be lived to it’s full potential, these days people are just ‘existing’, this is not how it should be.

Anyway… Let’s talk the Best of Britain.

Britain is known for some of its spectacular views, from the southern coasts of Devon, Plymouth all the way up to the Scottish Highlands. Scotland is a place of pure tranquility.

Ben Nevis is the largest mountain in the UK and Scotland which attracts mountain climbers and mountain bikers from across the globe.

If you are keen to know the true beauty’s and the best of what Britain has to offer, then be sure to read our upcoming posts.