Is the British summer coming to an end?

Is the British summer coming to an end?

The past few days the weather hasn’t been the greatest in Britain, i’m sure you’re aware of that… But why?

Every year we get bombarded with “worst storm in 30 years set to hit the U.K” & “UK braces itself for heatwave” what a load of rubbish.

As every year goes by I fail to see a change in the lovely British weather. I love the rainy days as well as the sunny days. Rumor has it that the news agency’s and reporters make a small fortune out of these tell tail stories that reel readers in.

Britain’s weather is know across the world, mainly for its random characteristics as such.

We here hope that summer isn’t coming to an end, however we welcome the winter season to hurry round to as we like to get festive here.


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